Who is Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt has been in the lime light over the past few years since his appearance in the Olympics, where he took hold of the sprints in 100 and 200 meters races. The Jamaican has since been dominating the tracks with an unparalleled charisma. Since his arrival, world athletics have been seen to gain pace, breaking record after another, and retaining his position in the podium.

Usain Bolt became the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100-meter and 200-meter races in world record times in 2008. Four years later, at the London Olympics, he became the first man to win gold medals in both the 100 and 200 at consecutive Olympic Games and the first man in history to set three world records in a single Olympic Games competition.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is arguably the fastest man in the world, winning three gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, and becoming the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100-meter and 200-meter races in record times. Bolt won his fourth Olympic gold medal in the men’s 100-meter race at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, beating rival Yohan Blake, who took silver. Bolt ran the race in 9.63 seconds, a new Olympic record, making him the first man in history to set three world records in a single Olympic Games competition. The win marked Bolt’s second consecutive gold medal in the 100. Bolt went on to compete in the men’s 200, claiming his second consecutive gold medal in that race. He is the first man to win both the 100 and 200 at consecutive Olympic Games, as well as the first man to ever win back-to-back gold medals in double sprints.

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The way professional athletes make it in the fast sprints usually raises questions, especially among athletic fans.  For a non-athlete, being fast enough is just a matter of speeding up your strides, but for the pros, this is actually far from near the truth. Elite athletes, like Usain Bolt, achieve their fast pace through a combination of calculation and muscle power.

How does Usain Bolt run so fast?

Since the Beijing Olympics in 2008 Bolt has won every race he’s entered at a World Championship or the Olympics, with the exception of one, where he was disqualified for making a false start.

When non-athletes want to run fast they set about moving their legs as fast as they can, so you might assume that Bolt has achieved this exceptional record by making his legs move faster than everyone else has. But this idea doesn’t stand up – in fact, it falls flat on its face.

“Elite sprinters don’t swing their legs any faster than recreational runners,” says Dr Sam Allen of Loughborough University.

Instead, the difference is that a top sprinter takes longer and more powerful strides.

Research shows that an amateur runner often takes between 50 and 55 steps to complete 100m, while an elite sprinter takes in the region of 45.

“Elite athletes generate so much more power, owing to the fact they naturally have more fast-twitch muscle fibres. These elite athletes therefore spend a lot less time on the ground which results in them being propelled forward much quicker,” says Allen.

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Having made his stand in the Olympics and other international athletic competitions, Usain Bolt is apparently here to stay. Bolt has made the sprints his territory and he now he has the world record  but still this does not seem to quench his thirst for victory in the international scene.

He is the Olympic champion once again.

On a muggy Sunday night in Rio, the Jamaican superstar won the signature event in track and field in a runaway and added this line to his already gleaming resume: first person to capture three straight 100-metre titles at the Olympics.

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